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Reich Easydriver

The Reich Easydriver range offers outstanding performance at an affordable price. Made in Germany they are a quality product that is backed by a 5 year warranty. 

Reich Easydriver Basic

- Manual engagement

- Weight approx 32kg

- Suitable for MTPLM 1600kg

Mobile Caravan servicing Reich motor mover

"Finally there. Now time to quickly find the perfect place for the caravan. No big deal with the easydriver basic. This powerful helper moves caravans effortlessly to the right place. And to top it all off: The easydriver basic is not only outrageously great at what it does but also wonderfully price-conscious. You will save in every way - effort and time, but certainly not comfort." (Wording from Reich website)

Mobile Caravan Servicing Reich easydriver

Reich Easydriver Active

- Manual engagement

- Weight approx 33kg

- Suitable for MTPLM 2000kg

"You have finally arrived at your adventure destination! Now, the only thing missing for perfect holiday bliss is the correct parking position for your caravan, which is child’s play with the new easydriver active. Your chic, powerful helper manoeuvres your caravan effortlessly into position. And the cool thing is that the easydriver active now comes with a strong, compact-designed housing, and is now much more slender than its predecessor, the easydriver basic. The new shell gives it not only an incredibly stylish cover, but also makes it strong against corrosion, because the very resistant high-tech material doesn't give water spray a chance." (Wording from Reich website)

Reich Easydriver Pro

- Auto engagement

- Weight approx 30kg

- Suitable for MTPLM 2000kg

mobile caravan servicing reich motor mover

"Off to your holidays or welcome back home. No matter where you arrive, sometimes every inch counts when manoeuvring your caravan. Have it the easy way - with easydriver pro. With this system, you can comfortably move your caravan everywhere without much space. And the best part: The easydriver can be pivoted easily at the push of a button. Simple electronics. To do so, you will need our serial wireless remote control or the easydriver app for your smartphone, so you can tell your easydriver pro where to go." (Wording from Reich website)

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