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Annual Servicing options

Single Axle Annual Service

Twin Axle Annual Service

Single Axle running gear Service

Twin Axle Running gear Service





Habitation service (Motorhome)


Not all caravans require a full service each year. It is largely dependent on age, usage, any warranty, and the time since last service. If you are unsure which service you require you can                       for advice.

Reasons to have a service

- Ensure the caravan is safe to protect your family and loved ones. 

- Catching any potential problems early on could prevent a cheap fix turning into a costly replacement or repair.

- Having a history of service will help your caravan hold its value and make it easier to sell in the future.

- Knowing that everything is working as it should will you give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on enjoying your holiday.

What is included in an annual service?

BODYWORK/EXTERIOR: - Condition and security of body panels - Operation of door locks, catches and hinges - Condition and security of trims, inserts and sealants - Condition of windows and seals - Condition and security of grab handles - Security of other attachments

12V ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: - Condition of battery and containment - Condition of 12N 12S or 13pin cables - Condition and operation of lights - Operation of 12S system - Condition of sockets, wiring and fuses - Operation of blown air systems, ignitions etc.

GAS INSTALLATION: - Regulator date and suitability - Gas tightness test - Condition, suitability and date of flexible hose - Security of all pipework - Condition of LPG sticker - Security of gas bottles - Dispersal holes in gas locker

WATER SYSTEM & APPLIANCES: - Operation and condition of water pump - Operation of pressure switch and adjust if needed - Condition of filter and housing - Operation and condition of taps - Condition of fresh and waste water pipes - Toilet operation and condition - Condition and operation of drain plugs

BODYWORK INTERIOR: Damp test (includes a full report) - Operation of hinges, catches, locks and stays - Operation of windows and condition of seals - Operation and security of skylights - Operation and condition of blinds and fly screens - Check fixed ventilation

GAS APPLIANCES: - Operation of cooker, hob and oven. - Ignition of fridge - Ignition of heater and water heater - Check FFDs (flame failure device) for all above - Operation and condition of external gas points -CO room test

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM (240V): - Condition of inlet plug and cable - Earth bonding continuity - Operation of RCDs and MCBs - Condition of wiring and fixed connections - Battery charger operation - Mains operation of fridge, heater and water heater and hob

FIRE AND SAFETY: - Position, date and operation of smoke and CO alarm - Condition, type and date of fire extinguisher - Condition and location of fire blanket - Operation, function and safety of any additions

CHASSIS & RUNNING GEAR: - Operation and condition of coupling head and safety catch  - Condition of stabiliser and pads - Condition and routing of breakaway cable - Operation of overrun piston, handbrake and jockey wheel - Condition of brake rods, cables and supports - Check tyres for damage, age, wear and pressure - Remove brake drums and check bearing, seals and lining - Clean brakes and replace drum and new one shot nut - Adjust brakes and check for free play in linkage and handbrake - Check condition of chassis and security to body - Operation of suspension assemblies  - Condition and operation of corner steadies - Condition of spare wheel and carrier - Clean and lubricate any of the above where required

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